The Internet is filled with sexting sites, but how can you find the best ones around? Some estimates say that porn and otherwise sexually-oriented sites comprise up to 15% of the world wide web. That statistic means that it’s essentially impossible to compare all the sites and find out which are the best. But, you don’t want to fall prey to a website that only has bots and stock photo images and charges you a steep fee for finding a sexting partner. To save you time and frustration, we’ve rounded up some of the best sexting sites for you to have casual fun online.

1. Sex Messenger

Sex Messenger is kind of like a social media site for people looking for someone to sext with. In fact, they bill themselves as an online social network for people looking for virtual sex or partners to meet up with in person. This website feels a lot more legitimate than some of the others out there, and they show pictures of both men and women looking for sexting partners online.

One nice feature of sex messenger is that the focus is truly on sex—not dating. You won’t match with someone you find attractive only to realize that they want to go out for dinner and a movie, not send nudes within the next 30 minutes. And, as a side note, if you are planning to send nudes, check out this sex chat host’s advice on how to pose:

Further, Sex Messenger is free, though you won’t have access to all of the features unless you sign up for the $14.95 monthly membership (if you sign up for the annual membership—otherwise, it’s $27.95 monthly). The problem with sexting memberships is that you pay the fee no matter how much or little you use the site. If you decide you don’t like it, you don’t save money by not using it. 

2. Sext Local

Sext Local is a site meant for finding sexting partners in your area. They boast a dedicated 24/7 team of people weeding out bots. Their signup even has a series of questions designed to help weed out bots, similar to a Captcha. They also ensure everyone on the site is on the same page: that they want to find people to sext with immediately.

However, Sext Local seems intended solely for heterosexual men. When you sign up, they assume you are a man and ask if you are “okay with women sending the first sext.” So, if you don’t mind the old-fashioned lingo and the fact that their site isn’t very inclusive toward folks with different gender identities or sexual orientations, Sext Local might be a good option for you. Further, to unlock a gold membership, plan to spend around $40 each month.

3. WellHello

WellHello is a hybrid between a dating site and a hookup or sexting site. They say upfront that you can find a longer-term relationship on here, but it’s geared for meeting singles and swingers. And they also mention that you don’t have to meet anyone in real life—you can simply use WellHello as a virtual sex meeting place. So, it’s good for people who want to use one of the best sexting sites but also keep their options open if down the road they want a relationship. 

Newcomers get a free trial of the site, but its features are pretty useless unless you sign up for a membership. You can’t respond to messages unless you put up some cash. They offer a $1 trial where you get 24-hour access to the full website. But, if you want a full month? That’s $30—pretty steep for a sexting website. However, if you sign up for a year of sexting, the monthly price drops to $9.99.

Aside from the price, there are a few other things to know before signing up for WellHello. One is that you will be inundated with ads unless you immediately upgrade your membership. For one, many users complain of bots and fake profiles, which will be especially disappointing for people who just spent $30 to find this out. However, others have had success finding a sexting partner or someone to swing with. If you don’t mind sorting through the bots and you want to find a place geared toward swingers, WellHello might be a good choice.

4. BangSexting

Not looking for love? BangSexting might be the right sexting site for you. You won’t have to worry that people are looking for a relationship or even want to meet up in real life. BangSexting focuses on sexting. Here, you can send sexy messages and trade nudes with strangers online in a matter of minutes. Plus, their site is free to use. And, if you’ve been looking for a sexting partner for a long time, you already know how rare it is to find a completely free sexting site. 

However, this site allows users to save pictures which is not ideal if you don’t want your goods floating around on the Internet. And since they are free, there isn’t much information on how they weed out bots or underage users. Keep those things in mind before you sign up.

5. Arousr

Chicago Reader listed Arousr as the best overall sexting site, and so did LA Weekly. Arousr is the best of all worlds when it comes to sexting sites. They offer a free trial of 100 credits so that you can decide whether or not you like the service before getting out your credit card. Better yet, they verify everyone’s identity, so you won’t be sexting with a bot or getting catfished. Everyone you talk to is legitimate. 

Further, you only pay for the credits you use. You don’t have to sign up for a subscription that you forget about it, except for when you see the staggering fee on your credit card bill. 

You can quickly see who is online right now. That way, you aren’t disappointed by looking through profiles, finding someone that really turns you on, only to find out that you may be waiting hours or days to connect with this person. There’s a reason Arousr is the best overall sexting site. Get started sexting with Arousr today!